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Kenly Community Billboard Uses

The Kenly Area Chamber of Commerce, with permission from the Elwin Watson Estate, has erected a community billboard at the corner of Hwy 301 and Second Street for the specific purpose of publicizing community events. All requests to use this sign must be approved by the chamber office.

  • Only one event will be displayed at a time.
  • Requests must be in writing and submitted at least four weeks prior to the event in order to avoid conflicts.
  • Messages cannot be posted for more than two weeks prior to the event and cannot be posted until after previous event has concluded.
  • Requests for events within a commercial entity that create sales opportunities that benefit the host does not qualify for board siplay, to qualify it must be hosted by a non-commercial organization neutrally located.
  • Requests will be honored on a first-come, first served basis. In case of conflicting events, non-profit organizations will be given priority.
  • This billboard is available for use to promote Kenly community, church and civic events, community fundraisers, and tourist/entertainment events that would be of interest to the general public.
  • Pre-printed banners that are no larger than 4' x 8' may be used, but wording and content are subject to approval by the chamber office.
  • In lieu of pre-printed banners, the Chamber will construct your message on the interchangeable reader board. Please limit your message to 30 words or less.
  • Pre-printed banners that are erected without prior approval will be dismantled and become the property of the Kenly Area Chamber of Commerce.
  • The billboard is the property of the Kenly Area Chamber of Commerce, and the KACC Board of Directors reserves the final right of approval.



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